Real Player Free Download

Download videos for free with the new, easy-to-use video downloader.

Real Player Free Download

When we built the latest version of our video downloader, we asked ourselves a question; how can we simplify downloading video? The answer, of course, was with one-click. Using RealDownloader, you can download your favorite free online videos from hundreds of Web sites, including,,,,,, and more. What's even better is that the RealDownloader is the only downloader you need because it plays the types of files you want it to play, including 3gp, rv, rm, flv, avi, mp4, wmv to name but a few. It's never been easier--and it's free.

Real Player Free Download - How to download Web videos to your computer

Anytime a free online video is available to dowanload, the Real Player Free Download let's you know. Simply click the "Download This Video" button that appears above each video and it will automatically download to the source you choose. All it takes is 3 easy steps:

   1. Go to your favorite video website and select a video.
   2. Move your mouse over the upper-right corner of the video.
   3. The Download This Video button appears. Click it to begin downloading

That's it. RealDownloader Plus opens and downloads your video to your selcted device. You can keep watching and downloading more videos or even close the page.

Real Player Free Download

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